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    "The 3 Most Valuable Lessons"

    "Billy Graham became my example as an evangelist..." "After his going home on February 21, 2018, someone asked me: "What are some of the things you have learned from the life and ministry of Billy Graham?
    I have since given thought to that question and want to share with you the the three most valuable lessons, I have learned in following his life and ministry." Read the rest of Tiff's letter!

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission Statement

    In dependence upon God, our

    goal is to lead one million people

    to a personal relationship with

    the Lord Jesus Christ.

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    Tiff's Radio Interview

    WVOM Interview Listen to Tiff's Interview with George Hale and Ric Typer of WVOM as he honors the memory and life of Billy Graham listen now ...

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