The Greatest Cause

Lost Lamb Crusade in Belarus

Did you know that Jesus had a clearly stated ?Mission Statement?? What was the reason he left the glory of heaven and came to this earth in humble fashion, the purpose that defined all he did during his earthly ministry and even the led him to willingly give his life on the cross as a payment for the penalty of our sin? His resurrection proving he was more than a great teacher, he is the Son of God!
?I have come to seek and to save those who are lost.? (Luke 19:10 NLT)
That is why I often say; ?There is no greater cause than winning the lost.? Being a Christian means you have committed yourself to following the life, the lessons and the love of Jesus Christ. Reaching the lost is the fundamental example of the life of Christ. You can not truly be committed to Christ without embracing the cause of Christ. Churches that are not winning the lost are lost themselves!

For more than 30 years Lost Lamb Association has been devoted to this cause. We exist to reach lost people, to disciple new believers and equip believers to do the same. So if you are ready to get serious about moving beyond ?religion? and casual Christianity then I challenge you to mark this website in your ?favorites? and prepare to join a family of believers that are committed to the cause of Christ!